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Our unique process.

Without data and insight, you're just a person with an opinion.

Our expert team follows a proven and rigorous framework to deliver exactly what we promise. It ensures that the strategy we build is based on meaningful insights and places focus on your individual objectives. From there we deliver the marketing tools and tactics that are best suited to getting the desired results. These are all the steps we’ll take to achieve your goals.

Phase One


Outline key objectives
Agree success and impact results
Discuss key milestones

Phase Two

Build personas

Understand the core audience
Define core aims
Complete stakeholder mapping

Phase Three

Research & insight

Compile market research (situation analysis, industry, markets, environments, competitors)
Provide product and service insights
Build the customer journey
Undertake key phrase research (search, social, blogs)

Phase Four


Develop the key messages
Outline the tone of voice
Build the content themes and topics
Create a channel strategy (SEO, social, media relations, events, stakeholder engagement)

Phase Five

Operational plan

Plan information architecture
Outline assets and deliverables (marketing collateral, website scope, resources & blog content, press releases, video, photography)
Generate campaign messaging & outcomes

Phase Six


Define KPIs
Build the measurement strategy
Finalise the implementation plan (tools, internal relationships, internal processes, governance)

Phase Seven


Create the project plan & critical paths
Assign responsibilities
Application & setup of measurables
Asset creation and delivery

Phase Eight


Deliver assets against project plan
Begin reporting process
Prepare for reactive comms & marketing needs
Continuous monitoring & analysis

Phase Nine


Evaluation & impact review
Learning & feedback process
Strategy development (modify, monitor & adjust)


uplift in sales for early bird tickets for Ladies Day and 81% for Plate Day, following a persona targeted advertising campaign.

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