Northumbrian Water saw a significant increase in enquiries since the launch of a series of targeted PPC campaigns.

Unwritten worked with Northumbrian Water Group to deliver an effective marketing strategy across multiple channels, creating a visual identity, and tone of voice that effectively targeted their B2B customers.

The organisation

Total Water Solutions was developed as part of the commercial arm of Northumbrian Water Group. Partnering with businesses nationwide, the team provide insight and experience to strategically manage water infrastructure. The range of solutions allow businesses to align their water management strategy with overarching business objectives, from ensuring compliance to reducing overheads, increasing efficiencies overall.

The objective

To thoroughly understand the customer needs, explore the current market and landscape, and build an effective marketing strategy to successfully launch the business division. Following the research phase, we needed to create a dynamic brand for the new business arm to raise awareness of the services offered through Total Water Solutions.

The outcome

Following a series of strategic workshops, Unwritten developed an integrated marketing strategy for both online and offline channels targeted at a commercial audience with a structured measurement framework to deliver ROI. Deliverables consisted of a website, a suite of marketing collateral, PR, a content strategy and its delivery, coupled with a series of targeted PPC campaigns, resulting in significant lead generation and an uplift in sales.

Northumbrian Living Water brochure
Automated meter reading animation
Total Water Solutions Website visual
Bad habits campaign posters
Bad habits campaign landing page on mobile
Bad habits campaign website

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