New product launch content reached 170,879 of the target audience on social media in the first six weeks.

Unwritten partnered with Manomasa on a new product launch, creating the brand, packaging, photography and advertising campaign as well as supporting with an integrated PR campaign comprising of media relations, social media management and content creation.

The organisation

Manomasa traditionally make 'real' tortilla chips inspired by authentic flavours of Latin America. In early spring, they launched to market three new chunky dip products, the perfect accompaniment to tortilla chips, and the first of its product range to diversifiy from chips.

The objective

To design packaging that reflected the personality of Manomasa whilst staying close to the established tortilla chip branding. To raise awareness of the new product within the target audience in the UK regions they were sold and to increase interest, customer engagement and product sales within the first six months of launch.

The outcome

As well as regional and national press coverage, the campaign reached 170,879 people across Facebook and Instagram with meaningful content. Manomasa reported a high volume of sales across the UK and solid customer engagement across their social media channels.

Photograph of dips and jars
Dont miss the scoop animated graphic
Photgraph of Frijole bean dip
Photgraph of all three Manomasa dips
Cinco de Mayo graphic
Are you ready graphic
Scoop it, shake it animated graphic

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